Showcase 2021

As with most things this school year, we have had to adapt and change our best laid plans for a middle-school showcase. We love to hear that you are considering Heritage for your future 5th grader- and are sorry we aren't able to do this in person!

We also know how big of a decision this is as your student steps into middle school. We hope that this page is helpful for you as you gather information, and will answer any questions you might have as your family selects a school.

Welcome to Heritage E-STEM Middle School from School District 197 on Vimeo.

Heritage is an E-STEM School- what does that mean?

Heritage E-STEM has some incredibly special programs and offerings to help encourage students to develop their environmental, science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

Hear from one of our science teachers, Kristin Dirksen, about our InSciEd Out Program with the University of Minnesota, partnership with Dodge Nature Center, and our unique Marine Team. 

What is the curriculum like at Heritage?

There are so many unique opportunities for learning at Heritage.

Hear from one of our Language Arts teachers, Kristi Cooper (a 197 graduate!), highlight the core tenets and beliefs at Heritage, as well as programs and topics of study in each of your students core classes. She will also share some of the extra curricular offerings that 5th graders can participate in at Heritage! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wonder what life is like for a 5th grader at Heritage?

We asked the experts!

Hear from a variety of former 5th graders and Heritage staff as they answer common questions - ranging from what homework is like in middle school, to ways families can get involved at Heritage! 

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Visit our 5th grade website to meet the team and learn more!

Heritage 5th Grade Website

To learn more about middle school in ISD 197 click below!

Middle School Overview  Información de la escuela secundaria