Magnet Theme

Heritage E-STEM Magnet School focuses on emphasizing the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math) through environmental projects. Together, teachers work to ensure students have the 21st century skills they'll need to succeed in a global society. These skills include: 

  • Scientific curiosity and a firm foundation in the fundamentals of scientific inquiry through environmental projects that engage students in real, purposeful learning. 

  • Technological skills and the ability to apply them in diverse situations that span the curriculum and has career and higher learning applications. 

  • An understanding of the Engineering design process that fosters problem-solving ability by instilling the need to ask, imagine, plan, create and improve. 

  • The ability to apply Mathematical concepts and skills in complex situations as well as in everyday life. 

  • Exceptional literacy skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

To help improve students' ability to thrive and think critically in an information-rich world. all students at Heritage are equipped with an iPad. The Heritage iPad Initiative enables students to learn independently, collaborate with peers, and communicate their understanding. Ultimately, the goal of this initiative is to help students develop and strengthen the technology skills necessary for their future success.This one-to-one iPad initiative is just one way technology is part of everyday learning at Heritage. 

All School District 197 students may attend Heritage or other magnet schools in the district. Visit the school district's enrollment page for information. Want to know more about Heritage, click here.