Building Design Sub-Committee Applications
Apply to be a member of our building design sub-committee
Posted on 10/16/2018

Logo: Facilities Design and ConstructionOn May 8, the community approved the district’s funding request for school additions, renovations and repairs. Design meetings and construction planning with an initial group of district schools began right away. Starting in November, work with a second group of schools, including Heritage, will begin and the district is forming building sub-committees to gather input and build upon the work of the 2017 Facilities Task Force.

Heritage will have a sub-committee of about 15-20 volunteers who will represent different parts of the building/programs. For example: teachers, staff, parents/guardians (2-3 individuals), administrators, specialists, paraprofessionals and community members. The meetings will be facilitated by LSE Architects. Each school sub-committee will meet 3-4 times with time to reflect and generate ideas between the meetings. 

We invite all parents and guardians at Heritage who are interested in volunteering to participate in the design process to click on the link below and complete an interest form to be considered for your school’s sub-committee. 

Interested parents/guardians are asked to review the meeting dates (in the survey) and check that you can attend most or all of the meetings before submitting your questionnaire.

Please submit an application by October 30. Principals will contact sub-committee members on November 5.


If you have any questions, please contact your principal. And remember, you can follow all of the facilities design and planning work at