Family Support Worker

Thanks to a partnership with the nonprofit organization 360 Communities, Family Support Workers are based in each school in District 197. The Family Support Workers help parents create a home environment that encourages learning, values high achievement and prepares students for post-secondary education or a successful career. Learn more about Family Support Workers in School District 197.


Caleb Crossley
651-403-7404 |

Family Support Workers:
  • Collaborate with school staff to identify students not meeting proficiency in reading
  • Develop a plan to engage parents with effective strategies for families to implement at home
  • Educate parents on what is needed to help their child at home in order to meet proficiency in reading in early years and what is needed to graduate from high school in later years
  • Communicate information and strategies to parents for use at home which support the methods being used in the classroom
  • Provide regular communication with classroom teachers 
  • Help to meet basic needs that may distract them from focusing on their child’s academic achievement 
  • Provide ongoing support and follow up to ensure that parents have success with the strategies recommended by the school

Students and families with issues that may be preventing them from having a successful experience at school may contact their Family Support Worker and receive support.

  • Abuse and neglect
  • Academic issues
  • Attendance concerns
  • Basic needs like housing, food and clothing
  • Behavioral or developmental issues
  • Child care
  • Transportation issues
  • Financial problems
  • Health issues
  • Legal issues
  • Family stress
  • Substance abuse
  • Parenting issues
  • Support groups
  • Language barriers
  • Home visiting
  • Relationship concerns