Practice Sites

All practices will be held every day after school at their respective location. The practice runs from 3:15-5:15pm. Activity buses run every day at 5:20 p.m. The buses will transport the middle school athletes up to Henry Sibley High School where they will then get on the appropriate activity bus which will take them within a few blocks of their home. If games last beyond 5:20 p.m., parents are responsible for providing transportation home from school. If practice concludes early the students will be notified ahead of time so they may arrange for a ride. Practice will always conclude so that students have the opportunity to ride the activity bus. 


7th Football (Heritage) 
8th Football (Heritage) 
Girl's Swimming (Heritage) 
7th Volleyball (Heritage) 

Boys Soccer (Friendly Hills) 
Girls Soccer (Friendly Hills) 
8th Volleyball (Friendly Hills) 

Girl's Tennis (Henry Sibley) 

*Cross Country is ran with the high school coach (Henry Sibley) 


7th Girl's Basketball (Heritage)Boy's Swimming - sign up through the High School (Heritage Pool) 
8th Girl's Basketball (Friendly Hills)

7th Boy's Basketball (Friendly Hills) 
8th Boy's Basketball (Heritage)
Wrestling (Henry Sibley) 


7th Baseball (Heritage) 
8th Baseball (Heritage) 
Boy's and Girl's Track (Heritage) 

7th Softball (Friendly Hills) 
8th Softball (Friendly Hills) 

Boy's Tennis (Henry Sibley)