Soccer - Boys

Carle Cheesebrough |
Desmond Radunz |

Practices will be every day after school at Friendly Hills Middle School
Games will start at roughly 4:00 p.m.



11 - Hasting @ Sibley (Friendly HIlls)
14 - Sibley @ South St. Paul (Vet's Fields)

18 - Skyview @ Sibley (Friendly Hills)
25 - Maplewood @ Sibley (Friendly Hills) 
28 - Sibley @ Inver Grove Heights (Inver Grove Heights Middle School)

2 - Richfield @ Sibley (Friendly Hills)
5 - Sibley @ Hastings (Hastings Middle School)

9 - South St. Paul @ Sibley (Friendly Hills)

11 - John Glenn @ Sibley (Friendly Hills) ***Reschedule from 9/21

12 - Skyview @ Sibley (Friendly Hills)
16 - John Glenn @ Sibley (Friendly Hills)

Soccer practices will be held every day after school at Friendly Hills. The practice runs from 3:45 - 5:10pm. Activity buses run every day at 5:15 p.m. The buses will transport the middle school athletes up to Henry Sibley High School where they will then get on the appropriate activity bus which will take them within a few blocks of their home. If games last beyond 5:15 p.m., parents are responsible for providing transportation home from school. If practice concludes early the students will be notified ahead of time so they may arrange for a ride. Practice will always conclude so that students have the opportunity to ride the activity bus.