Grade 5 - Maroon


Katie Challifour, Speech and Language
651-403-7497 | | bio

Stacy Dreelan, Speech and Language
651-403-7498 | | bio

Kristin Dirksen, Science
651-403-7433 | | webpage

Frances Foster, Social Studies / Writing
651-403-7472 | | webpage

Tara Huestis, Math
651-403-7502 | | webpage

Jo Miller
, Language Arts
651-403-7486 | | webpage


If your child is ill and you wish to request homework, please call Laura Wolf in the attendance office at 651-403-7408.

Please check your child’s inClass each day to check for student assignments, and to ensure that assignments have been completed. Students are to use their inClass to organize their time and assignments.

Each Friday your child will bring home their Friday Folder. The folder will contain a sampling of your child’s graded assignments as well as any school communications that will require your attention.

Students occasionally have the opportunity to go outside for recess. Please be sure your child comes to school dressed appropriately for the weather.