Mr. Adam Hegg
Mr. Adam Hegg
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Adam Hegg has been teaching since 2001 after he graduated from St.Olaf College. The vast majority of his teaching has been in a middle school setting. He has taught, directed, acted in and written for the theatre until joining Heritage this summer. 

As a Gifted and Talented student who had several other exceptionalities Adam found his way through and graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Olaf. 

He is an individually responsive teacher who understands that his professional responsibilities are to each individual he server and not simply what may be best for the largest group. 

He will find a way to not only ensure that the students in the Gifted and Talented clusters and Talent Watch are hitting the competencies required by the state but are following their bliss and working to become the best selves they can be. 

Adam is married to Breanne Hegg and has two daughters Imogen and Helena .


Each of the students in the clusters have been invited to a Google Classroom which will serve as a Learning Managment system for those classes. This is where they will communicate with me, where I will provide extension assignments and post additional information

The tier one or Talent Watch students will also be enrolled in one of my Google Classrooms.

858-958- 8th grade with Dr. Martin
10:00-12:00- Parent and Student communication/office hours
12:02-12:58 5th grade with Ms. Miller
1:00-1:38 6th grade with Ms. Larsen
1:40-2:12 5th grade with Ms. Cooper
2:14-2:43 7th grade with Mr. Lang
2:43-3:10 8th grade with Dr. Martin